Agape Community Church Senior Ministry Second Visit Nursing Home on Mother's Day

Gave out gifts

Agape Staff

Etta started the service

Gave out gifts

Gave out gifts

Robin helped deliver Rose

gave out gifts

Finish visiting


On May 8th,  Agape Community Church  Senior Ministry visited a nursing home and celebrated Mother's Day with the senior and elderly there. A month ago, Agape Senior Ministry leader Etta was planning to visit nursing home. 

On Mother's Day, the Senior Ministry started introducing themselves to the staff and elderly. Then, Agape Church memebrs sang for members in nursing home. They sang spiritual wonderful worship songs like Amazing Grace, 10000 Reasons, Give Thanks, As the Deer, and etc. After the beautiful songs they heard, Pastor Haiyan shared a beautiful and meaningful short message for the elderly. Pastor Haiyan shared the heart of God that like a woman searching one lost coin, God did not forsake anyone, and he gave the only son to people. He did not spare his only son, but to come to search you. Pastor Haiyan encouraged all to pray to God in heart, renew the heart seeking God.

Finally they gave roses and beads. They made bookmarks with Bible Verses inside. Some sister was very touched, and cried for receive the gifts. Pastor Haiyan prayed for couple of people, some required for prayers too. Many elderly shed tears, and were also joyful for they felt God's love close to them by their visiting.

This is the second time visiting this nursing home. God gave them hope and deeper love for the people there. The elderly responded actively.

 May God continue to bless this ministry and use it for the elderly in Albuquerque.