Agape Community Church Senior Ministry Visited Nursing Home

visiting local nursing home

Sister Etta

sing songs



On April 23, Agape Community Church Senior Ministry visited a local nursing home. Agape Senior Ministry leader sister Etta prepared for this a month ago and communicated with different nursing home.

Many old people in nursing home, they are sitting in wheelchair. The staff helped them to gather in dining hall before dinner. They enjoyed the gospel songs, three members of Agape Community Church prepared for them.  

Pastor Haiyan gave a short message in Hebrew 2:5-18 and testimony in the middle of songs. Pastor Haiyan shared God's grace and his love caring for herself and remind and encourage old people regain the faith and first love in Christ. Pastor Haiyan shared that, maybe they could not sing well, however just for one person among those today they came to encourage. That was worthy of efforts.

After event, Agape members had a short greeting time with old people, old people in nursing home were thankful and very welcome Agape members.

One old lady could not speak probably, after the event, she asked Pastor Haiyan to prayed for her. In the beginning, it was difficult to hear what she tried to say, even the staff did not understand. However, suddenly Pastor Haiyan heard a word sounded like pray. Pastor Haiyan prayed for her, and her tears came out. After pray, she began to enjoyed her meal peacefully and satisfied. Another sister hugged Pastor Haiyan for three times, she was touched even she could not share what was in her heart.

The manager of this nursing home felt thankful the visiting of  Agape Community Church members. Sister Etta had a plan to come back to this nursing home on mother's day next month. Another member felt very thankful that to meet those old people, he wants to bless them through visiting. He also wants to make more efforts to develop the performance.