Agape Community Church Sunday Service Urge Members to Ask for Holy Spirit

sunday service

Table fellowship


On April 3,  Agape Community Church held Sunday service. Pastor Haiyan preached on Acts 2:1-4, the sermon title was The starting of the Church. Pastor Haiyan in the sermon urged members to chase for Holy Spirit which will be granted by Heavenly Father.

The message focused on the teaching about the Holy Spirit, how the Holy Spirit coming down on the Pentecost day and the apostles got empowered. Pastor Haiyan also gave the introduction of Church vision, disciples training, however with this two, we still cannot get the victory of mission, we need the Holy Spirit. Praying is a channel to receive Holy Spirit. All believers can receive Holy Spirit if they ask with a humble and thirsty heart.

One brother shared that he realized that we need to open heart to receive Holy Spirit.  He share that, I prayed God that He will send me the Gift of Understanding and the Gift of Tongue. With the Gift of Understanding, I wanted to understand the Bible and God's words and to understand everyone's feeling, their heartache, their troubles, their miseries, and despairs. With the Gift of Tongue, I could communicate to God better and to pray for those who need of prayers. Also with the Gift, It enables me to communicate with God's followers in one language. Another brother was impressed by the work of Holy Spirit and he wants to ask for Holy Spirit sincerely.

Pastor Haiyan felt it was time for Church members to know more about Holy Spirit and the works of Holy Spirit. She expects members could grow in the knowledge of Holy Spirit and spiritual gifts and also get filled with Holy Spirit through practice. Now every member tries to serve better with the gifts.

After the sermon, Sister Etta brought some tasty soup with corn and Robin brought some sandwich and fruits. The group shared the lunch together though it was simple we were satisfied and thankful about the grace we were about to receive. After the meal, we prayed inside the church. First, it was Robin who sat on the chair to be prayed with. Pastor Haiyan prayed solemnly with the Gift of Tongue while Chris and Etta were praying out loud tearfully. At the end of Robin said that he felt the warm energy on his body. Next turn was Etta. When prayers were done Etta was relieved and thankful. Lastly, it was the Chris turn. Chris felt the yoke of the mission, though it was heavy but he was willing to carry with the Lord.  Members were touched by this fellowship, and God united them more. Thank God.